Online Medical Coding School

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    Instructor led virtual classes.


Get prepared to become a coder as little as 48 weeks.  Our program gets you ready for the CCS exam and get your certification so that you have the flexibility to work remotely from home!

Step 1: Fill out online application HERE

Step 2: Review our online courses and their cost HERE.

Step 3: Reach out to Greg Clinebell for any questions about the program at 303-570-9077 or at

Step 4: Funding.  Where can I find funding for school?  Checking for retraining grants in your area is a great start!  Try the AREF to see if you are eligible for one of their loans.  If you need specific school information for any loan or financial aid information, call/email Greg Clinebell.

Step 5:  Enrollment.  You will receive a student email and logins into the NCSI Online Teaching Platform.  There will be an orientation class on navigating and logging into your classes for work and classroom interaction.  You can preview your virtual campus HERE.